Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Crazed Pooch

When Kara adopted Gracie 9 years ago, the shelter said that she was part Dalmation and part Labrador Retriever. Her vet at the time, though, thought she was a mix of Lab and Weimaraner and we think that's far more likely to be the case.

If you know anything about Weimaraners, you know that they have a tendency to be high-spirited and to suffer from separation anxiety and that surely matches our Gracie. Again, today, she showed just how crazed she can become when we came home to find her latest round of house destruction. This time, she destroyed several cans of diet soda that were still in a case by the back door, as well as some additional remodeling of the trim around the back door. We think this round was triggered by a visit from our gardener, but with Gracie, we can never be sure.

She destroyed (see picture to the right) the original French doors shortly after we moved into the new house and she's chewed the door knobs and locks off the new doors original hardware and has chewed up the new doors hardware. Hopefully, she won't completely destroy the new doors before she wears out all her teeth.