Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Paul Broadway for San Diego City Council District 3

Due to term limits, the San Diego city council district three position is up for grabs in 2008. The first election won't be until June 3, but there are already seven "potential candidates" that have filed their intention to run form with the city clerk's office.

I've been leaning towards John Hartley because he seems honorable and because he's been pounding the pavement, knocking on doors and talking to constituents for years (he's been a repeat candidate for several elections now). He knocked on our door last year, we talked to him for a bit and we liked what we heard enough to say that we'd support his candidacy. I've not been happy with Toni Atkins lately, so I have no reason to support anyone that she endorses and I think John is an excellent representative for our community.

Having said that and taking nothing away from John Hartley, I'm throwing my support behind the newest candidate who just announced his intention to run: Paul Broadway. Paul was the owner of Sparky's (until it lost it's lease and was replaced by Hamilton's Tavern) and I've known Paul personally for several years through his participation on the Greater Golden Hill Planning Committee (and his postings to sdnet.eats). I like Paul and I think he deserves our support.