Sunday, October 16, 2005

Change of pace

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It's a bit anti-climatic to mention it at this point, since the cat was let out of the bag while I was on vacaction, but I'm leaving Symitar after 13 and a half years to go to work as a consultant to credit unions that run Symitar's Episys software. My last day with Symitar is this coming Friday.

I'll be working with the guys over at CUTEK , starting on Halloween. A press release should go out in the next week or so and I'll blog about it when it comes out.

One of the best parts of my new job is that I'll be working from home. Buster and Gracie are very happy about that. Kara will still be working for Symitar, though, so the downside is that we won't be within walking distance of each other during the work day.

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  1. Anonymous5:09 PM

    Congratulations. You will be missed. Another important resource leaves Symitar... :-(


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