Friday, August 18, 2006

CUTEK, the Symitar conference, and the Village People

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Last year, Jim Stickley of Trace Security threw a great party during the Symitar conference. Billed as "I Hung with Trace Security", William Hung performed several songs and a lot of drunk clients, Symitarians and vendors danced and sang karaoke. It was a blast.

Well, they topped themselves this year and CUTEK got to be a cosponsor. The 2nd annual "I Hung with Trace Security" brought back William Hung as the opening act, but featured an hour-long Village People concert. I even got to go back stage and meet the "people". (Well, actually, we were herded in for a quick photo and then herded back out.) They haven't given us that photo yet, but I did manage to take a bunch of photos myself during the show. You can see them here.

The party was great, the Village People were, well, they were the Village People so what else can you say.

The best part of both the Village People concert and the whole Symitar conference this week wss getting to see old friends, ex-coworkers and my clients, both from my many years at Symitar and my last year at CUTEK. It was really great, but am I ever exhausted.

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