Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Bush is Holier Than Thou

As he issued his first veto of his presidency, Bush also issued the following statement:
Yet we must also remember that embryonic stem cells come from human embryos that are destroyed for their cells. Each of these human embryos is a unique human life with inherent dignity and matchless value.

Bullshit, I say.

A human blastocyst
Yes, embryonic stem cells come from human embryos, but these human embryos are at the blastocyst stage. For those of you who missed or forgot human biology, a blastocyst is a very small collection of cells that have not yet been implanted in the uterus and might never be implanted in the uterus and might never grow to become a baby. To call a blastocyst a "unique human life with inherent dignity and matchless value" is to call an acorn a tree.

Bush likes to frame his issues in terms of moral values, but they're his personal moral values and not the moral values of the majority of Americans and they're certainly not my moral values.

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  1. Anonymous4:31 PM

    I think Bush's stupidity is actually helping. More private citizens are aware that he's standing in the way of something incredibly important and donating to the research required. Federal funding will come one day. All he's really doing is putting a dent in the time it will take to sucessfully create cures for diseases. This is an issue that's losing him and his cronies major support, even from conservatives. I read an article in Newsweek and they said (paraphrasing), "Anyone who has ever had a family member with a disease is questioning their support of this President, and that's pretty much everyone." I believe that's true. Bush has portrayed himself as such a reactionary that anyone who supports him on this issue (and many other issues) is, in my opinion, just completely narrow-minded and out of touch with reality.


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