Thursday, July 13, 2006

Scientology Museum: Industry of Idiocy

I was driving along Sunset Blvd in Hollywood the other day when I passed by a building that proclaimed itself, "Museum of Psychiatry: Industry of Death". Only later, after someone forwarded me an email solicitation for a free "Personality Test", did I realize the building was a new Scientology museum. Los Angeles CityBeat reported on this new "museum" in an article earlier this year, shortly after it opened.

If you're an idiot or just curious (hopefully, my readers are the latter), you can read the press release from the Citizens Commission on Human Rights.


  1. Oh my god! That is an amazing article about the museum. What a bunch of lunatics! It is tempting to go there and witness this cult first-hand, but then again, why subject oneself to this? I know it is not just Tom Cruise, but he is one of the biggest, most famous supporters.

    First, I never cared for him as a man or actor. Second, the Scientology connection only mildly got to me when I first heard about it...but now? Well, the brainwashing of his co-dimwit Katie Holmes into "silent birth"'s that for starters? What an asshole! I think she needs to stick a watermelon in his butt and see how long he can stay silent trying to deliver that! What is wrong with that kind of noise? Oh, I see. Only Tom can scream when he's on TV, jumping on Oprah's furniture.

    And then the whole psychiatry is the root of all evil. I wonder how many potential suicides would agree with him? It must be all in the imagination...NOT. What a complete and utter buffoon.

    I don't even remember where I was going with this. Oh yeah. I don't think I will ever pay good money to see another one of his movies again. What a dick. I hope Katie gets post-partum depression. What will he do then?

  2. Anonymous4:44 PM

    Don't forget John Travolta! And Kirstie Alley! Anyone who joins a cult suffers from a mental disorder. What better way to deny your own mental illnes; join a cult that says mental illness doesn't exist?! I was thinking of starting my own Cult... The premise could be that "red" states don't exist. We could call it "Sciendouchebagology." We'll proclaim that douchebags no longer exist and mock them for cramming watermelons up their asses... Who's with me?


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