Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tucson, the desert of my dreams?

I use Yahoo! Travel to book most of my trips and I allow Travelocity to send me their marketing emails, even though I delete most of them without reading them. But today I received an email from them with the subject line, "Visit Tucson, the Real Desert of Your Dreams" and I couldn't resist posting about it.

Is the "desert of your dreams" supposed to be a good thing? I could understand "the oasis in the desert", but, seriously who dreams of deserts? And to me, it reads more like, "you know your dreams - well Tuscon is the desert portion of your dreams - the place where illegal immigrants die and only camels survive."

Just to clarify, I've never been to Tucson (at least, not that I remember) and I have nothing against it. I just think they need to rethink their marketing strategy.

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  1. Anonymous7:54 PM

    Have to agree about dreaming of Tucson: probably only the poor souls who dream of the American Dream, as they head north, dream of Tucson. It has its beauty, but even that is surpassed by the incredibly lovely desert towns farther north. The whole southwester four corners is the stuff of my dreams: on up in Flagstaff, then east to Valle Vidal, where the elk and their baibies call out to each other. Go there.


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